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Lavender Massage Candle

Lavender Massage Candle

Lavender massage candle. 

How To Use:
Once candle has melted, blow out the flame & wait until wax has cooled down. When wax has cooled down. When wax has cooled down, pour a small amount into hands and massage into your skin or onto your partner's during intimate moments. May also be used to scent the skin. Do not use on private parts but please do use in the privacy of your home. Always extinguish the flame before using the oil.

scented candle. Handmade soy candle 8 oz jar. 

Introducing our sparkle collection ✨

With a one wick design and a large 8 oz jar size, the scent throw will be strong to fill a large room for a lasting sparkle 💖

Each candle in this collection is topped with flakes that melt into the candle to create a visually stunning experience (who said candles weren't fun right.

Lavender   is topped with exotic  for the ultimate colorful experience! Not only does it look amazing but it smells even better! 

Scent Notes: Lavender Massage Candle                                              

Bella Dunya  Candles are hand poured entirely in the USA. We use natural soy wax and our wicks are both lead and zinc free. For the cleanest burn, trim the wicks and enjoy responsibly.  

  • 10-15 hour burn time
  • 8 ounces jar
  • Premium Soy Wax 
  • Lead and Zinc Free Wick


NOTE: Sparkle glass may vary in color due to the handmade nature and/or supply chain issues.