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Lavender Massage Candle

Lavender Massage Candle

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Introducing our Lavender Massage Candle from Bella Dunya! This handmade soy candle comes in an 8 oz jar and has a 10-15 hour burn time. Our wicks are both lead and zinc free for the cleanest burn.

Once the candle has melted, blow out the flame and wait until the wax has cooled down. Pour a small amount into your hands and massage into your skin or onto your partner's during intimate moments. This candle can also be used to scent the skin. Do not use on private parts.

Our Lavender Massage Candle is part of our sparkle collection, topped with flakes that melt into the candle to create a visually stunning experience. The scent notes are lavender and exotic for the ultimate colorful experience.

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