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Appointment for Bella Dunya Candle Making Experience

Appointment for Bella Dunya Candle Making Experience

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Bella Dunya is Orlando's do-it-yourself candle making experience. With a selection of over 60 premium fragrance oils, you can create a unique and one-of-a-kind candle. The candles are made with premium quality, decorative, 100% cotton wick, strong-scented and slow-burning.

Come to Fashion Square Mall in Orlando, FL and book your appointment for a Bella Dunya Candle Making Experience. Enjoy the amazing craft of candle making with friends, a date or just for yourself. Reservations are required .

For just $45 per candle for 8 oz 10 oz is $55, you will receive snacks and games. Candle making is enjoyable and relaxing, so come and experience it for yourself! Call 407-766-3521 to book your appointment.

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