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Ladies! Get your sister time in with a fun, hands-on ‘class’ where you’ll make your own custom organic, cruelty-free lip gloss with friends and family! Playtime is in effect while you learn what goes into making a natural beauty product. Experience it for yourself and have the comfort of knowing you’re having a great time with your friends while you help take care of our planet! You’ll have expert assistance throughout the whole process, and leave with a beautiful gloss to slide into your purse. All products are gluten, soy, dairy, corn free and vegan! All supplies are provided, but we can’t promise you won’t get dirty, so come prepared to get into the nitty gritty of actual makeup production!

Here’s how the workshop goes: Step 1: Mix your own custom shade using hand blenders and natural mineral pigments. From matte to shimmer, pink, and beige to rich burgundies and golds, you can blend a unique shade just for you! (please note, natural pigments do not create bright reds, green, blues, purples, or neons, so some limitations apply) Step 2: Heat up your ready-to-melt organic lipstick or gloss base in adorable little beakers. Precautions will be taken to make sure no one touches a hot beaker! Step 3: Pour your drink while your base melts! It’s not a party without something in your glass! WINE $22.50 A BOTTLE. Step 4: Weigh and stir in your custom powder formulation. Your Lip n’ Sip instructor will provide the gram scale and show you how to measure your ratios to exact specs! Step 5: Learn how to hand-fill a lipgloss tube! Step 6: Sip some more of whatever is in that glass! Remember what your mother said; a watched pot doesn’t boil! Step 7: Apply your own personalized labels to your gloss or lipstick! Step 8: Try that puppy on! You’ve just made a high quality allergen, and cruelty-free lip gloss, customized to your taste!

Party of Two: $50 ($25.00.00/person) (at the ORLANDO studio) WINE IS 22.50 A BOTTLE

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